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Clocks finally point to graduation

Story: Conner Heinz, Staff Writer

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907,200 minutes. That’s approximately the amount of time the average senior at Haslett High School has spent in school over the past 12 years. I’ve spent many of those minutes staring at clocks, watching the hands slowly make their way around, waiting for each minute to run into the next and for the bell to eventually ring. And soon, the waiting will be over.
The past 12 twelve years have been much more than waiting, however. We’ve made lifelong friends and memories we’ll never forget. We’ve made a lot of smart choices, but I’m sure we’ve all done plenty of dumb things. We’ve learned valuable lessons about ourselves and the world around us. We’ve grown from simple, carefree children to young adults with dreams and passions, each ready to embark on a new journey in life.
I spent a lot of time more nervous than excited about this journey. I didn’t know what I was going to do after high school, and the thought of being in the real world without any idea was a little daunting. But now, as I write this, I’m four days (1,680 minutes) of high school away from being done. And I couldn’t be more ready.
I’ve done more growing in the past four years than I have the other 16. I’ve become more outgoing and sociable. I’ve found a passion in journalism. I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way. If I could do it all over again, there’s a lot I would do differently. But those mistakes are the ones that helped me grow.
And here I am, about to take on another four years of inevitable mistakes. I’m not worried, or even nervous. I’m eager. I’m ready to see where they take me and how they help me grow.
I’m ready to take on a another environment as my new home. I’m ready to be able to make interactions with new people completely unhindered by any preceding reputations. I’m ready to find new interests and passions and continue to learn more about the world around me.
Haslett has been good to me. I’ve been blessed to grow up in such a wonderful place, and with such amazing people by my side. I’d be lying if I said I’m not going to miss any of it. I’m going to miss lacrosse. I’m going to miss my fellow classmates who are going on their own journeys to everywhere from Africa, to Nashville, to Grand Valley. I’ll miss the nachos and sugar cookies at lunch.
One last thing: I want to thank the Class of 2016. I can’t imagine the last 12 years without you all. I’m confident you all have the brightest futures ahead of you. Just remember to live a little, and embrace the mistakes.

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Clocks finally point to graduation