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First time to grab our dreams

Story: Molly Gadola, Feature Editor

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After I graduate high school, my life will be filled with nothing but “firsts.” My first time walking onto campus when it’s move in day, my first time meeting my roommates, my first time moving away from home, and my first time leaving friends younger than me behind.
Luckily, while being in my final year of high school at HHS, I’ve had one very important “first.” My first elementary class.
Growing up, I knew I wanted to be an elementary educator. Joining sixth hour Youth Connections this year made it clear to me that I want to be in a classroom surrounded by kids I teach until I retire.
I will never forget walking into Mrs. Amor’s third grade class at Rayla for the first time. A kid, about an inch shorter than I, walked up to me and asked “are you the new kid this year?”
All the kids in the class have been so friendly to me and had an interest in getting to know me better. Although they nonchalantly insulted me every day about my height, they supported me throughout the year at various events. When the class found out I was on the Homecoming Court, majority of the kids begged their parents to brave the cold so they could see me. Right as I walked off the field, I had 10 kids surrounding me, hugging me and congratulating me.
A lot of the class went to see” Beauty and the Beast as well. After the elementary school preview, Mrs. Amor’s class walked by and each of them individually gave me a hug and told me how wonderful I did. I still to this day get called either “Queen Molly” or “Mrs. Potts.”
I’ve learned how to do just about everything in that class – copying, working one on one with students, recording grades, giving spelling tests, telling students to be quiet… everything. Getting experience inside the classroom this year taught me tips and tools I can use for my future and I am so thankful for the experience and the opportunity. I highly recommend joining Youth Connections if you have an interest in teaching.
Although it’s not the first time hearing teaching is difficult, and the pay stinks, I’m ready to find my passion in what I do every day and to teach kids of the next generation to do the exact same.
Thank you to everyone who helped and supported me in my years at Haslett, and a huge thank you to all the teachers out there who have inspired me to go into education. Lastly, I want to thank Mrs. Amor and her third grade students, not only for being my first elementary class, but for teaching me to believe in myself, and to reach high for my dreams.

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First time to grab our dreams