Chemistry needed to end the season

Story: Mia Salvador, Staff Writer


Our favorite Hockey team in the area has made some big changes with their season as they shut down individually and aren’t playing as a whole.
They started off pretty hot as they beat some rivals and joined together as a team working together winning their first four out of six games. But as time went on, the season didn’t go as well as they thought losing ten games in a row.
“We’ve kinda fallen a part as a team,” senior Cullen Turner said.
As the Eastside team blames each other for things that they could be doing better as well, it brings a negative effect on the team making their record go downhill overall.
Mainly when they get to their games, they either don’t do well the entire game or play very well, yet can’t finish it for the win.
To be a great team, you have to work for the player next to you, not just yourself. Hockey is a sport where you work together to succeed overall, and the Eastside Stars are in need for the chemistry to come back.
Noticing the changes of the emptiness in the crowds, it does not give the Eastside stars motivation to get out on the ice and play as hard as they can also. The student section seems to be empty, leaving just the parents there to cheer for their kid. But to the players, they need kids from their school showing some excitement and enthusiasm and the hockey stars finish their season in a good way.
So come out and support the boys as they take on more rivals and show them that they have fans watching to help support each player, but as a team.