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Shoemologies: Relationships

Photo: Ashley Dyer

Photo: Ashley Dyer

Story: Khonnor Longendyke, Staff Writer

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As couples flood the back hallways, hand in hand, gazing at one another and ignoring reality, they are often given one of two reactions. One reaction may be an ‘awe’ from a group of freshmen. Another reaction may be a disgusted scowl. Jan Shoemaker, however, finds nothing wrong with the couples she sees in the halls around school.
Watching couples interacting with each other, whether it being holding hands, hugging or kissing, does not make her feel uncomfortable.
“It’s natural that people are attracted to each other and I hope they pursue those relationships joyfully, honestly, safely and intelligently,” Shoemaker said. Even though she was not involved in any, she supports high school relationships. She didn’t have a boyfriend until college.
“I never met anyone. All the boys I had crushes on didn’t have crushes on me,” Shoemaker said.
When dealing with relationships with any sign of a red flag, Shoemaker says it is time to just call it quits. An example of a red flag for a dangerous situation is when someone in the relationship is totally controlling the other, when they are trying to exert total control of that person.
“Sometimes one person in the relationship isolates them from their friends and sometimes their family.”
Shoemaker claims that in an unsatisfied relationship couples should just break up before it leads to something really serious. She says that those who are doing the breaking up should be honest and direct and as kind as you possibly can.
“Hold your ground and don’t just go back because you feel guilty, but you should be nice about it,” Shoemaker said.
As for those who get their hearts broken, she suggests distracting yourself from the miserable time. “You just have to push yourself forward and make yourself live your life everyday even if your heart is broken,” Shoemaker said.
After the snow melts, the flowers bloom and the birds return from hibernation, she says to stay with each other through spring.
“Try not to get your heart broken in the spring. The flowers bloom, the ferns roll out. The entire world is indifferent to your poor broken heart,” Shoemaker said. “It’s awful to get your heart broken in the spring. So try to avoid that if you possibly can.”

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Shoemologies: Relationships