Irresponsible drinking culture leads to danger

Teenagers are going to drink. Period. They’ve been drinking since the creation of alcohol and it’s nearly impossible to prevent this from happening.
Despite this, instead of being educated on responsible drinking, teenagers continue to be bombarded with facts and statistics in an effort to eliminate drinking all together. Parents have tried relentlessly for generations and no matter what they do teens find a way to drink.
Although most teens have made the choice to drink responsibly, many continue to treat it lightheartedly. This involves drunk driving, intentionally blacking out, and ending up in dangerous situations due to poor planning.
More times than not teens partake in drinking massive amounts of alcohol without even knowing what they’re drinking and aren’t able to function by the end of the night. What’s even more worrisome is most of the time they aren’t thinking ahead and arranging a designated driver or a safe place to sleep. This usually results in catching a ride with someone who had been drinking that night or driving themselves because they don’t want to risk getting caught by their parents. Again, if parents encouraged safe drinking, it’s more likely teens would reach out for help when it’s needed.
In addition to this, it is a parent’s job to set a good example and practice safe and responsible drinking themselves. It’s not uncommon to see parents have one too many beers and casually drive home. “I know my limit,” they say, as if age overrides the science behind blood alcohol content.
Today we live in a society that romanticizes binge drinking and belligerent partying and the consequences are inexorable. According to the Mothers Against Drunk Driving, or MADD, organization, 27 people every day in the U.S. die as a result of drinking and driving. And according to the same organization, two in three people will be involved in a drunk driving accident in their lifetime.
This wild and irresponsible view on drinking has got to end. Making the decision to drive under the influence not only puts you at risk but others on the road or in the car with you as well. It’s a selfish decision that can kill not only you, but the people in your car and others on the roads. You also run the risk of getting a DUI (Drinking Under the Influence) charge which can result in jail time and a $500-$2,000 fine.
In order to eliminate these devastating situations from happening, we must start by having conversations about safe drinking. It’s time for adults to stop denying the fact that it’s happening and start talking to teens about the decisions they’re making in regards to alcohol. And it’s time for teens to start advocating for this as well.
We are in no way encouraging or defending teen drinking, but what we are doing is encouraging responsibility for teens and parents alike.