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Shoemologies: Senioritis

Story: Khonnor Longendyke, Staff Writer

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As seniors are coming to the end of their last school year at Haslett High, senioritis is at its peak. Senioritis has been affecting school work ethic since Spring Break. Whether it being not doing homework assignments or not studying for tests, seniors are experiencing the symptoms of senioritis and it is making it harder to finish strong. However, Jan Shoemaker finds it not true and does not believe in senioritis.
“I don’t believe in it, I believe it’s like a unicorn. But it’s not as pretty as a unicorn, so I don’t want to hear about it,” Shoemaker said.
Shoemaker does not want to hear about senioritis, and refuses to believe it’s something students do every year.
“Just like I refuse that Donald Trump could ever be president, I refuse to believe in senioritis,” Shoemaker said.
Shoemaker said seniors are over indulged for acting as if senioritis existed.
“Senioritis is accepted into the broader culture and also indulges high school seniors,” Shoemaker said. “If I believed in it, I’d be worried.”
She does not remember people acting irresponsibly at the end of the year when she was in high school. Although there were a lot of graduation parties and late nights out, she doesn’t recall people being irresponsible or juvenile in school. “In my days of yore, when I was a senior, senioritis had not yet been invented.”
The teaching staff along with Shoemaker have not talked about senioritis during any meetings, but only during passing time or while they are eating lunch.
“There has not been a lot of complaining between teachers about their students not doing their work, but it doesn’t seem to be a huge problem,” Shoemaker said. “I literally haven’t heard anything about it at all, perhaps it’s because this is an outstanding senior class.”
Shoemaker’s advice for seniors as they draw near the end of their high school career is to enjoy the last days together and keep each other safe.
“Thank who you might want to thank and who you might not see again. Make safe, responsible decisions and keep yourself safe,” Shoemaker said. Also to make wise decisions to ensure seniors make it to the next chapter of their lives next year.

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Shoemologies: Senioritis