The Viking Longboat

Reaching New Heights

Story: Connor Frank, Staff Writer

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That’s me. Up there in the clouds. You might not see me in my plane, but I’m there. Flying a Canadian to Texas for a heart transplant or a scientist to Morocco for a world cancer summit. I am a pilot. I give people the gift of loving a girl a world away. I can bring you flowers from the rolling fields of rainy Lithuania, embers from the foot of a Hawaiian volcano, a bottle of Scotch from the hills of Scotland, a new guitar from the shops of Los Angeles, a brick from the Notre Dame, a locket of the highest quality from Switzerland, sand from the beaches of the Dead Sea, fish from the salty Atlantic ocean, or water from the Island of Fiji. I can look at a spot on a globe and be there by the next day, no matter where I am. I can cook crabs in Virginia and bring them home for dinner in Las Vegas. I can save children from a warzone in the Middle East, and make a poor Parasian coffee shop richer with indian tea. I have wings, I have engines, I have power, and I can use all of those to make this world we live in a better place. I am a pilot.connors-photos-1-AND-THIS-ONE

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Reaching New Heights