Let’s build a future around what we enjoy; we deserve it

Story: Rachel Hamilton, Photo Editor

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“Oh, you’re good at math and science. Are you going to be an engineer?” I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard that.
We get pressured into certain fields because a few of our talents line up with it. But if I want to be a baker, photographer or a tour guide then people think I’m “wasting” my intelligence. I want my future plans to be built on passions and not my strongest skills. If those skills happen to line up, then great.
Just because someone is really good at one thing doesn’t mean she or he should spend the rest of their life doing that one thing. I’m really good at math. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life crunching numbers.
There’s also no reason to exclude people because they don’t yet have a particular skill set. If a person likes solving problems but hasn’t succeed as much in math classes, they can still be an engineer. Yeah, it’ll be more difficult, but math is a skill that can be learned.
We shouldn’t let someone tell us we can’t pursue our passion because we don’t have the right skills at the moment. Humans have a great capacity to learn and grow, there is no reason why we can’t learn new skills.
I’d rather learn about something that I’m interested in because it’s much more stimulating than simply learning about a subject I’m good at. Let’s challenge ourselves! We can take classes that we have no prior knowledge of. You just might find the passion you’ve been looking for. I did. I took a programing class with absolutely no technical ability and now my plan is to major in computer science.
I’m not going to be the most technically skilled person in my classes, but I just might be the most excited about the material. I’d never know the joy of programing if I hadn’t stepped out of my comfort zone and taken a class where I wasn’t the most knowledgeable person in the room. Let’s not be held back by what we’re good at, we can grow so much more in different environments.

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