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Vogelsang shines in not just drama and school, but athletics

Senior Hannah Vogelsang mid-swing at a tennis practice.

Senior Hannah Vogelsang mid-swing at a tennis practice.

Photo: Ashley Dyer

Photo: Ashley Dyer

Senior Hannah Vogelsang mid-swing at a tennis practice.

Story: Conner Heinz, Staff Writer

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To most, senior Hannah Vogelsang is known as a star on the stage and in the classroom.
She has starred in five musicals and two plays in her high school career, including the leading role of Belle in this year’s “Beauty and the Beast.” She is also one of the few seniors to boast a 4.0 GPA putting her in the top 10 percent of the graduing class.
But few know of her stardom in another domain: the tennis court. In her high school career she has become a four-time League champ and three time Regional champ, as well as qualifying for the State Quarterfinals her freshman year. A family history with the sport is responsible for Vogelsang’s introduction to tennis at a young age.
“My mom played in high school and college, and my grandpa plays tennis, so there’s tennis in the family,” Vogelsang said. “I started playing in third grade, so I was like 9. I played a little bit in the summer before that at my grandparents, but that’s when I really started playing, when I moved here.”
While most children are more attracted to team sports such as soccer or football at a young age, Vogelsang favored individual sports.
“I had done some team sports, but I preferred individual sports. I just kind of liked being on my own so it fit well for me” she said.
Her involvement in tennis helped her develop a competitive drive that has been essential in her excelling in all different spheres of her life.
“I’m very competitive in everything I do. I want to succeed in whatever I do,” Vogelsang said. “I want to win whether it be a singing competition, a score on a test, or winning a match in tennis. I think that definitely comes into play on the court. That’s just kind of how I look at all those aspects of my life.”
And with all of these differing aspects of her life, one may wonder how she finds the time to fit them all in.
“I’ve definitely had to sacrifice time for certain things, like I put a lot of time into my music. That takes away from tennis sometimes. So I do tennis and usually voice lessons on the weekends, then school during the week, and then kinda just balance things out,” Vogelsang said.
As the seasons change and she transitions between the activities she shifts her emphasis.
“When I’m doing musical in the fall, I’m doing less tennis. When I have tennis in the spring, I’m doing less music,” Vogelsang said. “It’s just kind of a balancing act.”
She compares the busy schedule to that of a three sport athlete.
“It’s not awful, it’s not much more different than doing a couple sports. You just have to find the time for everything,” Vogelsang said.
Vogelsang claims to be a very self-motivated person, going hand-in-hand with her competitive nature.
“I’ve just always been really motivated to do the best I can and succeed in whatever I’m doing,” Vogelsang said.
In order to best succeed, she tries to narrow her focus on fewer areas of expertise.
“Rather than doing a lot of different things, I’ve kind of put my emphasis on a couple things and worked really hard to be the best I can at those and excel,” Vogelsang said.
“It’s not like anybody is forcing me to do this, I just want to know that I’ve done what I can to succeed in each thing, tennis included.”

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Vogelsang shines in not just drama and school, but athletics