Defensive force

Story: Zak Hanson, Staff Writer

It’s rare for an underclassman to be on a varsity sports team, but sophomore Aj Salazar made the cut and was a standout the entire season. Salazar has been playing soccer since the HYRA days in kindergarten.
“I realized that I had a tremendous love for soccer when was 7 years old,” said Salazar, a starter throughout the season.
As a center back, Salazar was the central defender. With his deep emphatic voice, he would direct his teammates on where the ball was going throughout the game so the opposing team doesn’t score a goal.
Salazar is a player known to be willing to throw himself in the way of any shot blasting the goalie’s way.
“We play as a team,” Salazar said. “We’re a family on and off the field. We play for each other.”
Salazar has lived in Haslett his whole life. ”The season blew me away. It was one of the most amazing teams I’ve ever played on,” he said. “We are brothers and i hope that continues for years to come.
“ I have a bright visions for the future of Haslett soccer and i know with the group we will have next year, along with the coaching staff, we will be a team to watch out for.”
Other than soccer, his second love is singing with his choir family in Chorale, Men’s Chorale, and the a cappella singing group “The Fermatas.”
sports2Photo: Tyler Goldberg