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Story: Linsey Nichols, Staff Writer

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fullsizerenderCooper Adams – Junior

“I like Christmas a lot. Family is together, people are happy. I don’t celebrate it in a Christian way, like a family together way. My sisters usually come home for the holidays. My oldest sister, Haleigh, won’t be here for the first time. She’s on a cruise, she’s having a good time. She’s performing on the cruise. When I was a kid, sometimes I would play with their dolls but that’s because I was just like, they would be like, ‘Cooper, come play with us,’ and I’d be like, ‘alright! I’ll do whatever.’ We talk a lot, we watch TV. I go to my sister, Quinn’s house a lot in between Men’s [Chorale] and stuff. We talk about how college is going with Quinn and how school is going for me. We talk about choir, regular classes and like, TV shows.”
Photo: Linsey Nichols

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