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Power outage leads to evacuation of Haslett high

Haslett High School students  evacuating due to a power outage.

Haslett High School students evacuating due to a power outage.

Haslett High School students evacuating due to a power outage.

Story: Anissa Kroll, Staff Writer

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It’s a normal Monday morning, students wake up and trudge off to school. First hour starts and everyone works away on whatever it is their teacher has them doing.
But all of a sudden lights go out, or dim while, others around the school are still lit. Computers shut off and students are left wondering what’s happening.
That’s when the voice of principal Bart Wegenke comes over the P.A. “Remain calm, we are working on restoring power,” he said.
A few students were excited because of the school’s previous blackout. Maybe they’d get released early again.
Everything continues to function normally, though a bit darker than before, and students head to their second hour classes. That’s when many notice a strange smell in the halls, but aren’t too worried. Minutes into second hour an announcement is made, “Collect your things and leave the building.” The students quickly collect what was within reach and evacuate through every door. A while after being out in the cold everyone learns school has been canceled for the day and they begin to head home. Many had no idea of what was going on and many still don’t.
Monday, Dec. 5 the school was evacuated and cancelled for the day during second hour. The blackout was caused by Consumers Energy’s work out in front of the school by the tennis courts.
”I kinda thought it was funny,“ senior Katie Lemmer said, “cause like ever since the first one we kept joking ‘oh maybe there’ll be another blackout to get us outta school’ and a blackout happened again.”
But by second hour many knew there was something else going on. There was a pungent smoke like smell coming from the hall near math teacher Kasey Sauder’s and science teacher Heather Cox’s classrooms, which is also where the boiler room is. Many weren’t sure what the smell was.
“There were a few rumors going around that some gas was leaking,” sophomore Jarod Jeffery said.
Few students were worried about the smell. Many were just hoping for school to be cancelled.
Within a few minutes the school was evacuated, no one was allowed go to their lockers to get their coats. They had to leave immediately. “(I was) kinda freaked out cause they didn’t tell us anything,” said sophomore Chelsea Rostlni about the evacuation.
Outside fire trucks and police cars converged on the school. There was even an ambulance parked out in front of the school.
The cause of the evacuation, according to associate principal Darin Ferguson, was that one of the roof top units for heat motors stopped working and “popped.” Because of the snow, the smell was sent through the vents and into the school.
After a short time buses arrived and everyone was informed school was cancelled for the rest of the day. After some time students were allowed to be escorted in small groups back into the school to get their things and head home for the day.
School resumed the next day as usual.

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Power outage leads to evacuation of Haslett high