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Apartment fire changes Haslett student’s life

Story: Jackie Palmer, Staff Writer

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Fire trucks and police cruisers blocked traffic Nov. 4 around 5 p.m. on the 5900 block of Marsh road.
Junior Sarah Alabdali and her family had lived in the apartments for about three years. Alabdali was in her room taking a nap when the fire started
“My mom was in the kitchen getting ready to go pick my brother up from school because he was still there,” Alabdali said. That was when her mom saw the smoke coming from the back room. She thought it was the dryer, but didn’t know it was something serious.”
“When I heard the fire alarm I thought it was my mom cooking and something burned.” Alabdali and her family got out with just themselves.
“There was this guy in the kitchen and he was yelling at us to get out of the house,” she said. ”It was like ‘What’s happening?’ We were sleeping and everything was fine. Now they’re telling us our house is on fire and we have to get out. Then I grabbed my phone and got out of the house.”
Alabdali and her family were offered to live with her grandparents and her uncle while waiting for their new apartment to be able to move into, she and her family are living with her uncle.
The fire didn’t impact Alabdali’s ability to attend school, other than having to get all new school supplies, and notes from classmates. Her teachers were lenient with homework.
But her house and home life are completely different “I always go home and expect everything to be there, my bed, my room, and my clothes to be there,” Alabdali said.

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Apartment fire changes Haslett student’s life