We need out of the shadows

Sports other than basketball and football deserve time in spotlight

Story: Domion Tijerina, Staff Writer

While there are 18 sports for students to choose from, majority of them get shut out and overshadowed by the the basketball and football teams. Sports like gymnastics, wrestling and robotics often go unnoticed in the eyes of the school sports fans.
As a four-year member of the wrestling team, I have seen fewer and fewer people coming in for their first time and giving this exciting and challenging sport a try. My freshman year there were 26 people on the team. That number dropped by about half the next year.
Despite my best efforts by getting practice times on the announcements, talking to people individually and almost literally dragging people into the wrestling rooms, the wrestling team continues to be overshadowed. Our numbers keep dropping.
This lack of interest and recognition doesn’t only happen to the wrestling team. Look at the robotics team. These students won the world championships in 2014 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California and a huge number of tournaments along the way. The only recognition they got was an announcement in the morning and a trophy in the display case.
However, the sports the school does focus on are given the spotlight for nearly the entire school year.
The boys basketball players get banners with their pictures and numbers on the walls in the main gym. As for football, I know it is the sport of America and it would be unusual if it wasn’t in our school spotlight. To be honest, the Vikings didn’t do the best this last season with a losing record of 4-5. But every Friday night the stands are filled with students.
All sports should be given the same attention and treatment with no one sport being advertised or promoted more than the others.