Enjoy break, deal with SAT later

For the next two weeks, standardized testing and spring break are on the mind of every sophomore and junior student. There’s the hype of spring break is counteracted by the importance of the SAT/PSAT.
Reality is the time from winter break to spring break is the longest span of school without a break. This is where the importance of spring break comes into play.
Although many students have the mindset that standardized tests are the most important factor when it comes to college admissions, they are not. Many other factors such as grade point average, extracurricular activities and the required admissions essay play a role in acceptance into a college. The fright many students are feeling in preparation for these tests is an extreme reaction to the common idea school’s drill into our heads.
Although the first time we all take the SAT is free and provided by the school, students can take the test as many time as they want. Yes, it costs money. Therefore, the first time you take the test is not the only opportunity.
In lieu of studying spring break away, take time away from the books. Whether staying in town or traveling out of the country for the break, students need to put the school work down and free their minds.
Nonetheless, juniors students fight the fear that this testing moment is the make and break of their schooling career. And it is not students’ fault they believe this.
Since seventh grade, teachers, administrators and parents have drilled into our minds that theses tests are the line between getting into Harvard or going to Lansing Community College. How could we know any better? We’ve been brainwashed. Manipulated. Administrators stress that these standardized will be reported to show the effectiveness of the school. When did these test become about what mark the school gets and not about the mark of the individual student? That is THEIR future. Once we graduate from high school, we do not play a direct part of what happens in and around Haslett High School.
This is not all the administration’s fault their. Students must take responsibility for themselves and study the materials given to perform well on these tests. But with that said, the state requires so many classes and requirements, when do teachers have the time to help us prepare for these tests? They don’t have the time. Teachers stress about their yearly schedule being thrown off by a single snow day.
Overall, how students prepare for their SATs and other tests are their choice. Use the stress as motivation to prepare for the these tests, but don’t be afraid to put the books and pencils down and enjoy spring break.
We spend too much time with our studies. Maybe this is the spring break where we keep those tests in mind, but also walk away from the books, pencils, grades, phones, drama and learn to live a bit more than we ever have.