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Is Prom worth it?

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Prom is an experience many look forward to before they have even reached high school. Peers will see each other fancier than ever before in long sparkly gowns and handsome tuxedos setting the tone for a formal event and a magical night to remember for the rest of their lives.
Culturally, prom is one of the biggest moments of the year for juniors and seniors. There are many positive aspects of prom that bring the whole upper classes together for a night, something not even football games can do.
One encouraging reason to attend prom is the no pressure date situation. Back in the day, dates were required if a boy or girl wanted to attend prom. But not anymore.
Today we are allowed to embrace groups of friends in every size and gender combination to make going actually fun. Who wants to go with a date you have only talked to maybe three times out of the school year for an evening of awkwardness when you can attend with close friends?
Along with the freedom to choose your own company, the dance is the focus of the night. Every year the event is organized around a theme planned by the junior class to create ambiance for the students, along with dancing to popular songs and other activities like a photo booth.
Before prom, it is commonly a tradition to get pictures taken with your entourage at someone’s house, a local photographer or scenic locations around the area. Pictures captured by parents and whoever you are with will be memories to keep long after graduation.
My personal favorite part of prom is going to dinner before the dance. You’re in a fancy dress, at a semi-fancy restaurant and ordering something delicious and eating it all to myself. I feel you could eat just about anywhere and it would exciting because everyone always stops to glance at the abnormally fancy dressed teenagers.
All in all, prom today gives everyone a versatile event. It can be a fun and magical night.

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Is Prom worth it?