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Turning 18 is a mixed experience

Story: Kayla Sebolt, Staff Writer

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Turning 18 means new responsibilities and being officially and legally treated as an adult. In Michigan, when you become an adult you can vote, get married, sue people and be sued, buy tobacco, get selected for jury duty, get tattoos, get piercings, rent living spaces, and much more.
People celebrate turning 18 in variety of ways with their new privileges and responsibilities.
Senior Michael Yousif was both excited and scared. He was excited to go to the vape shop and buy his own vape stuff, party, go to the casino, and his parents took away his curfew. “I was scared because my parents stopped paying for almost all of my expenses, which makes me have to work more,” he said.
Senior Sara Omar had specific plans for her “I wanted to get my nose pierced and go to the club,” she said. “I got my nose pierced but I haven’t been able to go clubbing yet”. Kyla Woods has not yet turned 18, but plans on buying lottery tickets, applying for a job at Hooters, and is not worried about anything.
Senior Aubrey Roberts got her belly button pierced when she turned 18. “I didn’t really know what else I wanted to do, but I wasn’t scared,” she said. “I was nervous because I had to start paying for my car but I’ve learned to budget that in.”
Some young adults think turning 18 will be scary, but then realize it’s not really anything drastic.

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Turning 18 is a mixed experience