What technology has done to us

Phones. The pinnacle of human communication. You can talk anytime, anywhere, to anyone, except in person. Phones have allowed us to have the world at our fingertips, but they cause us to forget about the world around us. We have hundreds, if not thousands, of friends on social media, yet we can’t make real true friends. We are the most connected globe the world has ever seen, yet we feel the most isolated. Where’d our relationships go? Have we become so obsessed with making all our devices wireless that we accidentally disconnected ourselves from each other?

We are all victims of this, but we are also the perpetrators. We are so focused on looking at a screen that we fail to look into a soul. Our relationships have just become screens in which we  interact only on the surface. We are no longer interested in wondering what’s behind one’s screen. We’re no longer interested in what powers the screen, what drives it, why it runs the way it does. We look at people like 10 second photos, not a dusty photo album with stories and character that is just waiting to be opened up.

Like our technology, we take our relationships for granted. We enjoy them while they work, but once they break, we’re onto the next one. Just throwing away the old, useless technology and finding a replacement. Have you ever thought what it’d be like without technology? What about without friends? When is the last time you were without your phone? Was it because you were forced to leave it? Forgot it? I say we figuratively go back to the stone ages. Turn off your phone, leave it by your bed, and go out and experience the world as it is. Go to the park with your friends, leaving your technology behind. Hang out, talk about life, learn their hopes and dreams. Build a true friendship.Without technology, you get a better, stronger connection with people around you. Let’s stop trying to make our relationships wireless and plug back in.