Online Class System Freezes


Photo: Abbi Claflin

Naomi Pullum

Story: Abbi Claflin, Writer

It isn’t uncommon for students to take classes online these days. For many students, it is easier and more convenient than a traditional classroom setting. Late in the year, class space can become limited and schedules can get a little tied up when students switch in and out of different subjects through drops and adds.

Lots of students look to online classes to avoid the space issue, and to enjoy a wider variety of educational opportunities. But this year, during the transition period into second semester, the website used for online schooling crashed. This caused a freeze in the system and applicants were not able to access their assignments until later in the term.

“Since I wasn’t able to get into my class on time, I’m a couple weeks behind on my assignments and with the class that I’m taking it’s especially hard to catch up on the work,” junior Naomi Pullum said.

Rebecca Kipp, the adviser of the online students, explained that the system freezing was caused by an update. The program is supplied through Blackboard. Company officials told Kipp about the update and explained that they had to freeze the applications because it crashed and they could not let students use the website. Administrators for the site were apologetic about the problem.

“The president of Blackboard called himself to apologize about the system freezing, which was really cool,” Kipp said.

Now the system is running like normal and all students are working to get back on track. The president also said that he will make sure nothing like this happens again.