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Student Feature – Jarod Jeffery

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Student Feature – Jarod Jeffery

Story: Sarah Donley, Staff Writer

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There really is not anyone quite like junior Jarod Jeffery. His charisma and unique personality are something that can hardly go unnoticed within the halls at Haslett High School.

“I like to play the clarinet, sing in choir and perform in the musicals,” Jeffery said. “I want to move to New York and continue my musical theater career.”

At first glance, these wishes seem typical of an enthusiastic public school student. However, Jeffery comes from a very interesting background that stems far from Michigan and the northeastern culture.

“Well, I spent the first 10 years of my life in Utah, a lot of my family is still there,” Jeffery said. “I was in a Spanish immersion program so my math and science were taught in Spanish. I grew up with 45  kids who were in this program and I got pretty close with most of them. When I had to move it was sad. I haven’t kept in touch with a lot of them because we were in conservative Utah so a lot of them don’t have social media.”

Ever since he moved here life has been good for Jeffery, and he is grateful for all of the opportunities he has from learning.

“I’m pretty good in school which a lot of people don’t say they are good at,” he said. “I really enjoy learning, and my favorite class is English. I want to go to college preferably with a full ride because I think I can get one.”

Jeffery’s after-college plans are optimistic.

“I want to move to New York when I’m done with college,” he said. “The thing is that I was kind a hoping to get away from my family who I love. But my dad‘s plans for after we all graduate is to move to Wall Street which is three blocks away from Broadway.”

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Student Feature – Jarod Jeffery