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Cheerleaders take a hit

Story: Gabe McGuire and Abbigail Claflin

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“F-I-R-E fire up, fire up, fire up!” The cheerleaders chant during each football game, but instead of getting cheers back, popcorn and bottle caps come flying toward them unexpectedly.
For the past few seasons, a problem has come up during football games for the cheerleading squad. Students in the student section have been accused of throwing different items at the cheerleaders during games. This has been an annoyance with the cheerleaders and coaches.
“They usually throw bottle caps, glow sticks (during homecoming) and candy back at us,” cheer captain Junior Maddi Bramson said. According to Bramson, students are also throwing merchandise such as bandanas and necklaces sold at lunch before the games as well as other miscellaneous objects. There is no known reason for students doing this.
“We are kind of getting sick of it,” Junior Naomi Pullum said. “It’s worse than other years.”
The majority of the team, as well as the assistant coach are saying that the seniors are mainly responsible. However, others have stated the lower grades in the student section are culprits as well.
“It is really frustrating to watch our girls on a weekly basis work very hard and then see people throwing stuff at them. It’s very disrespectful,” assistant coach Sasha Bottine said. “We have already taken it up with the athletic director, if it continues, it would probably have to go higher up.”
It has also been noted that some of the students are not just throwing things at the cheerleaders. Students from all grades are throwing items at the staff, principals and occasionally, the referees.
“I haven’t seen any of this going on,” athletic director Darin Ferguson said. He has denied knowing anything about things being thrown at the cheerleaders and also the coaches ever talking to him about the subject.

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Cheerleaders take a hit