Senior bench overrun by underclassmen

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Senior bench overrun by underclassmen

Story: Julian Bigelow, Staff Writer

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The high school has seen a large number of underclassmen sitting on or directly in front of the senior bench, much to the annoyance of seniors.
The carpeted bench sits in the four corners, and is traditionally sat on when they become seniors. This trend has led to many seniors weighing in on the issue.
“It never struck me as anything special apart from the few times I was shepherded away from it because strangely some people cared when I walked up to it before,” senior William Rodriguez said. “I won’t die over it.”
This is not the first time this has been an issue, but it has gotten much worse this year.
Though sitting on a bench may seem rather benign, the seniors have used the space for years as their own. Being an underclassmen and sitting there destroys the point of a senior bench and making the seniors who have waited to use it for the past three years feel like it was all for nothing.
If this issue persists, there is a good chance of it snowballing into something much bigger. If underclassmen start dominating the senior bench, next year’s underclassmen will likely do the same. This could cause a pattern that would render the bench’s senior only status completely and permanently mute.
I understand some people believe the bench should be for all grades not just seniors.
But the senior bench is a tradition. And traditions should be upheld, not only out of morality but out of respect. Respect for the bench, respect for the tradition and, most importantly, respect for the seniors.