Seniors ruin senior board


The senior board. A school tradition.
Within recent years, the Longboat has covered all the change and movements made to the senior board. It has gone from being a graffiti-ridden, odd display of alumi signatures above the senior bench to a clean, well labeled exhibit of senior pride, which started in the fall of the 2016-2017 school year.
Many seniors in the graduating class of 2017 signed their names on the board in various colors, sizes, sparkles and designs. Alumna Sarah Schmidt even wrote her name in puffy paint, keeping her signature visible after the white paint covered the 2017 signatures in preparation for the Class of 2018.
As students arrived for the first day of school this year, the board was a clean white with the label “Class of 2018” ready to be signed by a new class of proud and eager seniors. As the weeks passed, the senior board remained untouched. Until one day, the first small, faint signature was up. Soon after, many signatures were scattered around the board in vibrant colors and sizes. The seniors were starting to make their mark. Literally.
Then the fun was over.
A group of seniors (and they know who they are) took it upon themselves to take gold and bronze paint and other random colors and write their names in ridiculously large print. The senior board was officially filled…with about 13 names.
With over 200 students in the senior class, there was no way there was going to be room to fit the whole class on the board and students became aware of that. Seniors Georgia Olson and Hannah Garza took it upon themselves to write a note and put it on the wall next to the senior board saying, “Leave enough room for EVERYONE to sign (the senior class is over 200 people).”
“Multiple people came up to me and said ‘did you see the senior board?’ so I checked it out,” Garza said. “They said the people who signed their names thought they were more important.”
“They wrote their names as big as their egos,” seniors Tyanna Lugo and Jennifer Barnett said.
Seniors are not the only one who expressed dislike of the state of the board. Underclassmen were displeased with how the board looked as well. “I don’t think it okay. It shows that people think they have better status than others,” junior Divira Pahwa said.
“It’s stupid. Sorry seniors, you can’t all be the center of attention,” junior Brianna Willhite said.
Even the faculty was upset about the selfish act.
“That was tacky. You had no room for other people, like come on,” Business and Technology teacher Michelle Jennings said.
The senior board was taken down and was said to be in the process of being painted over so seniors could have another chance to be fair and thoughtful while keeping the tradition alive. But the board has yet to be put back up, if it is going back up.
In short, the act of writing your name big enough to take the up the whole board is a selfish act, plain and simple. The kids who thought it was funny or amusing ruined it for everyone.
There is no social hierarchy in a high school. Nobody is more important than the next person. The people who wrote their names that big are now viewed as egotistical students who didn’t care about other people in the class. In addition, the seniors are the role models of the school. What they do, the underclassmen watch and follow in their footsteps.
This was a display of immaturity and being self-absorbed, extremely opposite from role model behavior. When or if the senior board goes back up, think about your actions and other people before thinking about yourself or you could ruin it for everyone. Permanently.