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Keeping Those New Year’s Resolutions

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Keeping Those New Year’s Resolutions

Story: Megan Fulton, Staff Writer

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Some of the most common ones are eat healthier, workout more and my personal favorite, be a better person. But are people making New Year’s resolutions that are realistic for them?

I like to think of resolutions more as goals. A smart goal is specific, attainable, measurable, relevant and timely. Without these five key elements most goals cannot be met. This may explain why so many Americans do not feel they achieve their New Year’s resolutions.

According to Business Insider 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail by February, because they don’t follow the five elements of smart goal setting.

“I don’t know that I’ve actually ever stuck to my New Year’s resolutions,” teacher Mrs. Weaver said. “Usually I make a resolution to get fit, go to the gym, actually use my gym membership. After a few weeks I realize it’s not going to happen.”

Five simple steps to keep your targets in reach. Ever heard of them?

“I have never heard of the five elements of a smart goal,” Senior Kira Chandler said. “Even though I’ve been studying goals almost my whole life through gymnastics.”  

Many people struggle to stay on track with their New Year’s resolution or don’t make them at all because it seems too hard.

“I don’t like making New Year’s resolutions because it’s just another thing that stresses me out,” Chandler said.

When making a New Year’s resolution keep it simple. Instead of saying you want to lose 50 pounds in one year, say you want to lose at least 4 pounds every month. This makes your goal seem much easier to accomplish. It also allows your resolution to attain the five elements of smart goal setting. 

“I normally make a New Year’s resolution every year,” Weaver said, “with a baby on the way my resolution will be to try and stay sane.”


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Keeping Those New Year’s Resolutions