Old vs. new rap

Story: Noah Lynch, Staff Writer

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The evolution of rap music has changed throughout time. Rap has evolved into its own genre with branches of its music with various artists and beats.
The influence of rap has its own unique culture of various clothing, jewelry, style, personality or egos. But there is a darker side to the rap culture with drugs, gangs and crime. Certain artists have put that influence around the world and certain cities.
“Rap typically comes from major cities where rappers try to escape crime and become something more than a thug,” senior Autumn Darling stated.
Rap has been promoted by certain brands and companies including XXL, Worldstar and soundcloud. Some rappers even have their own designer clothing or shoe partnership. This culture of music began to gain wide popularity in the 2000’s, but rap originated in New York City as rappers tried to “roast” each other at parties. But it soon came into something more.
“I like the style and mojo all the rappers have now,” sophomore Jack Isenhath said. “It’s a lot of expensive clothing and dope.”
Students are often loyal to their favorite artists and preferred songs. Some even argue about who’s better.
“I think it’s ignorant to select and choose the best rappers, but each of them all have their fans and their own potential to be great artists,” senior Brady Clifford said.
Music comes from all angles and has its own effect on everyone. Rap has its own branches along with the same culture as any other rapper.
Culture of rap has changed from the 1980s to the 2000s where rap can be chill or fun to listen to and have people pumped up.
“Rap music really has not changed, but it’s evolved into a big thing with different genres,” junior Johanna Aquilina said.
The evolution has come from people bonding together into this competitive game. Some rappers have feuds over their style or even music being stolen for their own.
Although there can be problems with favoritism and style, students do have their favorites.
“Some of my favorite artists are the new upcoming rappers like Tay-K and Smokepurpp,” freshman Evan Lynch said. “I like their style and the beats they use in their songs.”

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