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Spring Play Auditions

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Spring Play Auditions

Story: Megan Fulton, Staff Writer

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Auditions for this years high school play took place on Wed. Jan. 31. They were held by choir director Adam Boyce after school in the choir room.

Numerous students came to try out for the roles, many of them participants in previous productions. The play is open to anyone who would like to act however, not just those in choir. 

“One of the challenges with the plays is I don’t always know who’s going to show up,”  Boyce said. “In the musical I usually have a pretty good idea of who will come to auditions, with the play it’s a little bit more of a crap shoot.”

Compared to the musicals where the cast can be as large as 50 people, the play typically only features about 15,  and can be smaller depending on the selection. The play this year has only 10 roles, which makes the audition process very competitive. However there is some debate about changing the show due to a large number of overly impressive auditions.

“The play that I originally picked only had five men and five women in the cast, but I had a couple of underclassmen that I wasn’t expecting to come in and be really amazing,” Boyce said. 

Underclassman don’t typically make it into the cast since there is usually a very limited number of spots. Boyce said he would need to take the upcoming weekend to think about a possible change.

“It’s really hard to get into the play as a freshman or sophomore,” junior Divira Pawar said. “Last year there were only 10 roles and most of them were guys.”

With the majority of the cast in school plays being upperclassman there are high expectations in the way the students conduct themselves.

“This senior class is really outstanding. The unique thing about this group is that a very large number of these students have been involved in the plays and musicals in big ways since they’ve gotten started,” Boyce said. “They come with a lot more experience and understanding of the importance of leadership and commitment to rehearsals.”

With so much experience the cast is able to take a lot more creative liberties in their performances, which really elevates the quality of the production.

“They know they are leading by example in the development of their characters and they aren’t afraid to take risks as actors, they are willing to push themselves as artists which I think is a very important thing,” Boyce said.

Most of the students that are a part of the school plays have performed in the musicals or been apart of other plays outside of school.

“I’ve been doing the play since sophomore year,” senior Zack Sneed said. “I’ve also been apart of the musicals since seventh grade and started doing theater in third grade.”

The play will be held on March 23 and 24. Tickets will go on sale opening week. They will be sold during school lunches and at the door.  Tickets will also be available online at the Haslett webpage two weeks before the production date.


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Spring Play Auditions