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Student Profile: Ethan Bresnahan

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My favorite thing about choir is probably the community that it builds, especially over time. I joined choir in seventh grade after the rotation in sixth grade. My brother influenced me to join since I was around it every day and hearing about it. Also having him directly tell me to do it. Originally, before he was in high school, he was showing me how to play piano. We have a dinky Yamaha keyboard and I wanted to use the one in the choir room. I would come in every morning at like seven a.m., so we’d have almost a full hour until school even starts. And I would be like, “um Mrs. Valla, can I play the piano?” She would usually answer, “yes Ethan.” After that I joined choir, and from there, I continued.

Mrs. Valla and Mr. Boyce are both huge influences on my progress. They are very busy people, but they are always taking time out of what they’re doing to explain some music theory thing, that I am asking about or help with the melody that I can’t get the right note on. 

I plan on doing choir in college, not as a major but something. Still singing in the shower, at least. I would enjoy choir in college, but I want to go into pre-med. So as a time commitment, I not sure how able I will be. I’m hoping I’ll have plenty of time.

This is my sixth year of lessons. I’ve had four different voice teachers. This is the first year that I’ve had a male teacher, which has been really nice,k I can hear things in the baritone and bass voice. My first two years, I believe I had Jackie King and then Jenny Cook, and that was just a huge influence in getting started and having someone to individually work with me. Because I didn’t know what singing was or how to sing, it was huge. All the way through, I’ve been in little men’s and men’s (a select group outside of class). After men’s, we have a group called Fermattas, which I have been in for three years, and it’s just eight guys. Freshman year, the Men’s choir went to the Michigan Music Conference in Grand Rapids. I was just a wee freshman but, it’s us and a ton of guys all the way up and I knew a bunch of the seniors because of my brother. We sang for the conference and we spent a night in a hotel there. You get enough high school boys in a hotel, and it gets rowdy. It was just a lot of fun.

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Student Profile: Ethan Bresnahan