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Infinity War Preveiw

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Infinity War Preveiw

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       Infinity, the endless and intangible concept we all have pondered. There is no end to infinity, yet… it is the end, isn’t it? The upcoming movie Infinity War is the first of three films to wrap up the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It will leave no loose ends, finish off all story’s and give every fanboy the closure they want to the MCU… until they reboot it to make more money (we all saw what happened when Disney bought Star Wars).


      The film is currently projected to make just over $200 million domestically, though, that is likely an underestimate, because black panther was projected to make $120 million, but broke records with over $200 million in its actual opening weekend. If this epic conclusion follows suit with its predecessor, then it is entirely possible that it will smash Black Panthers record.


      So far there have been 19 films before this one. The finale has been over 10 years in the making since the release of iron man in 2008.  If marvel makes one wrong move, it could seriously hurt the company. There have been theory’s building up to this moment, connections all leading here, anything and everything set up in the MCU will be paid off. All the infinity stones will finally be in one place,the last will be revealed, the soul stone, and the entire universe is at stake.


      The film is released as of April 27.,  and the world has been preparing for this moment. Years in the making, setups and payoffs, character deaths and intros. It’s all lead to Marvel’s Infinity War.

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Infinity War Preveiw