Diver with depth

After only two years experience, Grant Porter signs to compete for Wayne State University


“Diving is like an amusement park, every dive is like a different type of roller coaster,”Grant Porter said.

The Haslett High School senior has been a standout on the boys swim and dive team. He has signed to dive beginning next fall for Wayne State University.

Porter has only been diving for two years. He started diving after the other divers on the team suffered injuries his sophomore year.

“All of our divers sophomore year were concussed, before our meet against Jackson, where we won by two points,” Porter said. “The coaches took out the entire team and had us jump off the board. Out of the whole team, I was the only one to say, ‘Hey, this was easy, let’s try something else.’”

Porter began training to be a diver, along with his swimming.

“I was basically an insurance policy for the team in case any of the other divers got injured,” he said.

Porter then went on to become better than all of the other divers on the team had ever been.

“It’s just something that I grew a passion for once I started,” he said. “The sport, once you start, is very charismatic for all thrill seekers out there.

Despite breaking many personal records, Porter said this year’s season was the worst of all years.

“I’ve had more bad meets more than good, which I’m not really happy about,” he said. “I did have a club meet and for fun I broke their school record. But it didn’t count because it wasn’t an actual meet.”

Porter averages 35 to 40 points a dive, and hopes to have a successful college career.

“I have committed to Wayne State, and they have a great diving program,” he said.  “I have been recruited by a lot of other MIAA schools. I hope to get a degree in pre-medical pediatric neurology. It basically checks out concussions and stuff.”

Porter claims that a perfect dive sprouts from good timing.

“It’s all about what you do in the air, and how you choose to ‘air save.’ It’s specifically all about timing,” he said.

Swim and dive have been a great team sport for Porter. He said it is different from many others sports. People do not understand the amount of work swim and dive require.

“(People) think that swim and dive is an easy sport,” he said. “But really any sport that requires work is hard.”