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Bring on summer

Lots of activities will take up students' time through those lazy no-school days

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Many yearn for the end of a school year and begin imagining their summer breaks. But many have troubles with what to do to fill up the long days.

The school year is coming to an end and anticipation for summer break is growing fast. As longer days and warm weather approaches, students begin to plan their summer activities.

“Sleeping in, hanging out with friends, and enjoying the sun,”  sophomore Morgan Jefferies of her summer goals. “Also going on vacations with my family.’’

Summer is a great time to relax in the sun and catch up on sleep  missed during the school year.  But summer is also perfect for dedicating time to working and earning extra spending money.

It is also a time to explore favorite hobbies that you don’t have as much time for during the school year. Junior Chyna Bach is no stranger to this fact. “

I plan to spend most of my summer working on art pieces for AP Art the following year,” she said. “It’s not a chore because art is a huge part of my life.”

Other students prefer to spend their summer exploring new parts of the world with their families.

“My family and I enjoy going to different states and camping for a week or so,” freshman Katie Williams said. “We hike and swim. It’s so much fun exploring nature.”

Some students like to dedicate their time to their passion. That can involve spending summer months training for sports or athletic activities.

“I try to practice basketball almost every day for an hour or so. It really makes a difference not taking those months off,” junior Damen Redmond said.

Summer is a time to relax and prepare for the next chapter of life. Whether relaxing, doing your hobbies or playing sports, summer of 2018 promises to be one to remember. 

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Bring on summer