Choir director takes leave of absence

Since the beginning of the school year, the musical cast and crew have been rehearsing almost every single day in order to nail this year’s difficult show “Guys and Dolls.”

The successful progress so far for the show has been thanks to the hard work of the cast and crew, and the leadership of both choir directors Adam Boyce and Samara Valla. This is different compared to other years because Valla would normally not be a director, but would come in every now and then to help out. Much of the cast like this change due to how well Boyce and Valla work together. It has been a difficult show, despite the success.

“Some of the emotions in this show, the students have to really connect and relate with that character,” Valla said. “And then be able to produce chemistry between one another that that character would feel. That’s really hard to do.”

There is also a lot of material that not only the main parts, but the secondary parts have to manage, according to Valla.

Though it is a difficult show to pull off, much of the success has been thanks to both directors working diligently. However, recently the musical has changed to now only having one director.
Boyce announced at the end of October that he is taking a leave of absence for an indefinite amount of time due to personal reasons. His leave means Valla is now the lone director.

The change will not cause issues in the musical, however. Instead, many students share their sympathy with Boyce and wish him the best.

“I feel distraught about this, honestly,” senior Divira Pahwa said. “But it’s for his good and his family’s safety. I think that’s really important to him, that he takes his time to really heal. I’m proud that he had the strength to do this. Of course everyone is going to miss him so much, but we just want him to get better.”

Other main cast members of the musical feel the same and send their best regards. Valla echos those feelings.

“I feel like we are poised to be able to support him,” Valla said. “So that he can take his leave and take care of his personal business, and we can still continue on the normal path here at school. I think it’s important that we all support him and what he needs.”

This isn’t a new task to Valla, however, as she has been directing shows for over 20 years.

While the cast and crew and other co-workers share their sympathy with Boyce, everyone hopes he will come back once he is ready to. As for right now, there is a temporary teacher coming in to help Valla with all of the choir classes.

Opening night for “Guys and Dolls” is Nov. 16. Senior night and teacher night is on Nov. 15. The matinee showing is on Nov. 17.