Summer band camp is marching band boot camp

Haslett summer band camp is more difficult than many expect

“Band camp involved working hours in 93 degree weather,” senior Jacob Wyrick said.

The 2018 marching band put in long hours of hard work before, during and after school and even during the summer in the week-long camp. “(We were) practicing marches and rehearsing for the halftime show at football games,” senior Brianna Willhite said. In the summer heat, the band practiced for up to 13 hours a day for seven days.

“It’s a lot of work but it pays off,” freshman Raeha Jaffer said.

While the work includes hours of rehearsal, Jaffer said it helped her transition from middle school band to the high school marching band.

Once school starts, band is a class held each sixth hour. But marching band also involves much extra-curricular time, hard work and dedication.

As the season begins for fall sports, the band often goes unnoticed behind the shadow of football players.
“At football games I notice many kids not paying attention to the band,” senior Zoi Crampton said.

The band performs a halftime show every home game to excite the crowd. “Student support is pretty much the same all across America,” Willhite said. Though band members know they often go unnoticed, being part of the group is special.

“We are all like a family,” Willhite said. “Everyone knows everyone, freshmen walking in are greeted by seniors and you’ll be appreciated by everyone in the band.”

Through band camp, members have grown close because of the hard work and team bonding activities.
“It does feel like a family, especially within your own section,” Jaffer said.

The band performs the Star Spangled Banner, cheer jerkers and half-time show. “We practice the halftime show for the audience,” Willhite said. “People who aren’t interested won’t pay attention.”