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Senior enjoys first year as member of varsity football team

Senior Elias Manuel is known for his talents throwing and spinning his Frisbee around the high school. But this year he is wearing a football jersey, number 19, and working the sidelines at football games.

Manuel joined the varsity football team for the 2018 season. He had played tennis for three years, but decided to give it up. “I guess I was bored of playing tennis and wanted to do something different instead, so I picked football as a replacement,” Manuel said.

During games, Manuel is ready to go in as a receiver and cheering on his teammates and the crowd.

He is known for hyping the crowd up by waving his arms up and down and telling everyone to get loud.

Being on the team has been a positive experience for Manuel. “It’s been for the most part very exciting,” he said, “and just flat out great.”

“The team shows absolute respect to everyone, and that feels good inside,” he said. “For the coaches, they really want us to do our very best, and that is good too.”

Getting to know so many great players and coaches has been a bit overwhelming for Manuel. “It really can be overwhelming at times for me,” Manuel said. “But at the end of the day, it’s pretty nice to know that so many good people care about you and want you to improve.”