Football injury could affect basketball season

Haslett senior Damen Redmond injured in Mason game


On Oct. 7, senior Damen Redmond was injured while during a home football game against the Mason Bulldogs. Everyone went silent when they saw him lying on the field holding onto his ankle, rolling around in pain.

Doctors came running out checking on him to see if they could help. But it was no good, the medics had to put him on the stretcher and take him to the hospital.

Redmond played as wide receiver and defensive end on the football team. The injury happened when he got tackled and broke his fibula and part of his ankle. With this happening relatively early in the season, it kept him from being able to play for the rest of the year.

“It really sucks considering it’s my senior year and all,” he said. “But since there’s nothing I can really do about it now, I like to just look forward to basketball.”

Damen has played football all through high school, and has always had a love for the sport.

Senior Matt Plaga explains how great of an athlete Redmond is, and how his injuries affected the team,

“It’s one less guy with a motor who can chase down the quarterback and has the strength to take down double teams by himself,” Plaga said. “This man is a freak and is missed every game.”

Before his injuries, Redmond was easily noticed above the crowd. After the injury, he is visible riding through the halls on his scooter. Occasionally, other people ride the scooter when Redmond is on it.

While his ankle is broken, in another event he broke his hand. That injury could also affect winter sports.

With football ending, Redmond looks forward to basketball season. He knows he’ll have a lot of work to do so he can play his best.

While this is Redmond’s last year at the high school, he’s not sure what his plans are for after high school. He does know he’s not giving up.

“I’ll be joining the season a tad bit late. It worries me because I’ve never had so much time off of everything like this,” he said. “But I also plan to work my hardest to recover and hope it doesn’t affect negatively,”

When asked if he plans to play football after high school he says that he can’t be sure until he is out of recovery.

“My coaches are saying I have potential to continue my career and that this shouldn’t affect me too much,” he said. “So I have considered it lately, but not 100 percent right now. And I probably won’t know until the recovery process is over.”

He also isn’t sure if he is going to continue basketball after high school.

“Depending how recovery works out and this season goes for myself, I’m not sure of that one either,” he said. “But if I get the opportunity I would love to.”