‘Guys and Dolls’ phenomenal

All three shows spotlighted talents of Haslett High students

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Haslett High school presented “Guys & Dolls” as this year’s fall musical. I had the chance of seeing all three of the showings the weekend of Nov. 17-18.

With music you could recognize like “A Bushel and A Peck” and other songs written for Frank Sinatra to sing, the music was performed beautifully.

You could tell the leads and chorus parts had been practicing a long time to get every song just right. The men’s vocals were phenomenal. Not saying the girl’s weren’t, but the men really stood out to me.

Seeing the musical three times might sound excessive, but each time I saw the show, I picked up on things I hadn’t before.

The first showing was to get a feel for the plot and learn about the characters. The second show was to listen to the music more closely. And the final showing was to catch any jokes or symbols that were used in the musical I didn’t catch before.

Per usual, the costumes were great, especially all of the girls’ hair perfectly curled into little ringlets. And the men’s fedoras were a great fit for their “gangster” vibe.

Overall, the show seemed to be a big success. With laughter and applause from the audience at appropriate times, the audience received the show well. 

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