Thanks to Mr. Bushy

Choir director’s leave of absence bearable thanks to talent, humor and personality of guest teacher

A tribute to Mr. Bushey.

My initial reaction to choir director Adam Boyce taking a leave of absence was, “What?! We’re stuck with some old fart for two months?” But that reaction quickly changed on Mr. Bushey’s first day.

He  came in cracking jokes in this low baritone voice, and right away you could tell he’s been teaching for a while.

He told us stories of his grandchildren, director days, and his good times playing baseball in college. He might not know much about all 60 of us in concert choir, but we got to know him pretty well.

He really pushed our choir to our highest potential. Along with that, one of his most famous lines was – “Well, it’s not like they can fire me.” And yes, he did give concert choir five songs for the Holiday Concert.

We’ve laughed with him for the past two months and cringed sometimes at his “yo mama jokes.” But just as abruptly as he arrived, he’s leaving.

If I’m speaking for all of us in choir, Mr. Bushey graciously stepping in for Mr. Boyce, has been a great blessing to the Haslett Choirs of 2018. He brought light into a situation that made all of us worried for the outcome of the major events happening at this time.

At our winter concert, he made a heartwarming “speech” that moved some to tears. The past two months have been different with him, but his humor and personality will make him unforgettable in Haslett choirs.

He’s one helluva guy and choir director, and many thanks to him.