Pennies for Patients and talent show good for community

Student council winter events

Student council is very busy with the upcoming events after winter break. Now that the gift giving has come to an end, it has found other programs to help the community. There are also some fun activities planned that students can participate in.

    “We have the talent show coming up after we come back.” Rachel Wawro said.

In events like Pennies for Patients and the talent show,  we are all able to show off some of our talents to our peers and have fun while doing it. We always want to help our local families and one way our school is able to do that is with pennies for patients which raises money for families and children affected with leukemia who may not be able to afford their necessary treatments.

Some may not know the struggle of all the hospital bills and the stress of the visits but, its hard and the money that we raised in the past has helped these families cope with some of that. It might not be a huge amount of money but we always do our part.