Stretching Out With Yoga Club

Yoga club is starting up in April, hosted by special education teacher Diane Littleton in the gymnastics practice room. All students and teachers are welcome to join. Each club meeting will be every other Monday after school starting in April 15 and going through May. There was an informational meeting on Wednesday, March 13 after school.

“Maddy Moreno was actually the one that spearheaded the club,” Littleton said, “ so she has a powerpoint ready to present about the health benefits of yoga during the meeting.” Littleton is also a yoga teacher at Hilltop Yoga and also teaches at the Michigan Athletic Club (MAC).  Many health benefits of yoga is increased muscle flexibility, tone, and strength, improved respiration and energy, metabolism balance, weight loss, cardio and circulatory health, and many more benefits according to the American Osteopathic Association (AOA).

“I’ve always liked doing yoga,” junior Maddy Moreno said, “but it’s always expensive to go to a studio. So I wanted a place where everyone could try it for free and see if they liked it.” Most of the presentation on the informational meeting had the health benefits and the schedule of yoga club. Also according to Moreno, once a month the club will take a trip to different studios as a trip.

If you are interested in Yoga Club, see Moreno and Littleton for more details.