The Steroid Nation by Shaun Assael

The Steroid Nation written by Shaun Assael is an informational self-help book for people either trying or doing steroids and other performance enhancing drugs.

Assael uses his own personal history of using and dealing steroids and performance enhancing drugs in body building and other sports. He was an investigative journalist for espn covering shootings, drug scandals, won the Bronze World Medal for best sports journalism at the 2016 New York Festival TV & Film Awards, third place in the 2016 National Headliner Award for sports or human interest feature, and a Silver Radio winner for documentary on social issues from the 2016 World’s Best Radio Competition. The reason why he likes investigative journalism is because “I love the kind of open field reporting that lets me throw myself into a new world and emerge with a better understanding of what drives people”.

During the book Assael stays mainly neutral as he dives into different interviews and topics with people. Some of the topics leave people “naked” so to say and leaves the reader to make up their own decision on the subject. I like the way Assael gathered information using one on one interviews instead of researching all the information online. Throughout the book each chapter is a certain month and year to which the event took place.

The book is written in first person perspectives that Assael has pieced together using either interviews of the person. In some cases, where the person is no longer alive,  he uses interviews of family and friends.