Field guide to TikTok

Your grandma or someone older in age than you has probably asked you what the new trendy social media app “TikTok” is.
And maybe you didn’t know what to say.
If you type “What is TikTok?” into Google, you will come up with, “TikTok is an iOS and Android social media video app for creating and sharing short lip-sync, comedy and talent videos.”
In the community guidelines, TikTok is described as “a place for your creativity and expression, a global community of people looking for a fun, welcoming experience.”
But, if you told a grandma that, she still probably wouldn’t understand what in the world you were trying to explain.
Social media is a huge part of technology use, and whenever there is a new social media app people jump on it.
Formerly known as, the social networking app changed to TikTok in November 2017. The app is basically just short videos that include a “sound” that is in the background of the video. The sound is what most people base the whole video off of.
A sound can be anything from a song, a movie quote or even an original sound that someone has made.
For the most part, people are posting on TikTok to make people laugh or to have a video go viral with tons of views and likes.
This app is always evolving, from six second clips on Vines to lip-syncing, Now TikTok is a compilation of many different length and style of videos. There is still lip-syncing, but there are also specific choreography, video trends, challenges and even boys getting mullet hair cuts.
Most wouldn’t understand why someone would vie for fame with 15 seconds of a video clip on some social media app filled with middle schoolers, but hopefully the literal explanation helped a little bit.