OUR Principal


Principal Bart Wegenke meant something different to everyone at the high school. To some, he got them out of trouble more times than once. And to others he was considered a friend that always had time to listen to what they needed.
To me, Mr. Wegenke was a familiar face in the hallways. I could always look for him and find a smiling face looking back at me.
Even though I don’t have too many personal stories with Mr. Wegenke, my four years at Haslett High School have been greatly affected by him.
Having such an involved and welcoming principal like Mr. Wegenke is something I took for granted. Talking to friends from different states and bigger schools, some of them have never even talked to their principal before.
Appalled at that, I remember one specific instance my sophomore year when Mr. Wegenke bought our lunch table pizza.
Now seniors Imania Baker and Precious Henries somehow talked him into buying us pizza on a Friday. We made a whole contract and everything. We wrote down what we wanted, we all signed it and then he signed it.
The next day he was waiting for us with boxes of pizza at our lunch table.
That is a memory from high school I will remember for the rest of my life. Who else can say their principal bought their lunch table pizza for no apparent reason?
Being a part of the Longboat also made me build a closer relationship to Mr. Wegenke, through all the interviews I did with him, to the press conferences we had with him. Mr. Wegenke was always open to answering all of our questions and always ready to talk things out with us. He always had a lot to say, and he treated the staff like real reporters, and not just high schoolers.
Finishing my senior year without the big personality and presence of Mr. Wegenke will definitely be weird.
I am grateful for the impact he had on my four years at Haslett High School, and I’m sure everyone else is too.