Life of a dedicated runner

A typical practice for senior Stephen Henry includes going to either the track or soccer field, stretch and warm up, go on a run, then comes back and stretches again.
“I typically run 50 miles a week,” Henry said.
For training in the off season, Henry trains with long runs, along with speed and endurance tests.
“When I started out, my mile time was about five minutes and thirty seconds. Now it’s four minutes and thirty seconds.” He said
Science teacher Kimberly Snook and Michael Homan are cross country coaches. Snook has been impressed with all the progress henry has made this year.
“He works super hard in the off season, and that made all the difference.” Snook said.
Throughout the past year, Henry has been through all kinds of races. Last year he only got first place in one of the multiple races. This year, Henry got placed first in 4 races. He went on to be the team’s top finisher in the Greater Lansing Cross Country Meet and the State meet. .
“There was a bunch of hype before the race,” Henry said after Greater Lansing. “During and after the race, pushing through it all made it special.”