Social media, will it be our social downfall?

According to, from 2008 to 2017, the number of people within the United States population who are active on social media has increased by approximately 57 percent. Although social media can be helpful at times, I believe it does more harm than good overall.
Yes, social media is a quick and easy way to reach out and communicate with other people. However, this ease of access can negatively impact social skills in the real world. When people rely primarily on social media for social interaction, their in-person social skills may weaken. Face-to-face communication is much different than talking to someone from behind a screen. If someone is accustomed to socializing online, actually talking with someone in person becomes a bigger challenge.
Being glued to a phone all day can make people miss out on an abundance of different opportunities. Countless individuals are so distracted by being on their phones that they are not present in the actual world around them. Instead of going out and living life to the fullest, people are becoming more inclined to do nothing and sit on their phones.
In class and during lunch, it is common to look around and see people with their faces glued to their screens instead of interacting with their peers. I will sometimes be talking to someone and have no response because they’re completely zoned out, focusing their attention to their phones instead.
It is a recurring challenge for teachers to reach their students and keep them on task due to the distraction of their phones. This shows that phones also have a negative impact on the education of students.
I do recognize that social media is an innovative advancement for technology. But I worry about how it will further advance and affect our lives. Now, there is a whole other world behind a screen, and people are beginning to prefer it instead of the real world that we are living in.
Additionally, people need to be careful about what they post on social media because posting something inappropriate has the potential to permanently damage one’s reputation. Anyone could have access to posts that were meant to be deleted or kept private.
Cyberbullying is becoming a very common occurrence on social media because it is much easier to bully others while hidden behind a screen. This does not bring as much guilt to the person who is spitting out hateful comments because they are not able to see the reactions of the people that they are harassing. Although many times cyber bullies go by with little to no consequences, their victims are often left strongly impacted.
Users of social media should be careful and use the platforms wisely, for there are many consequences that may follow.