Homework is against the Geneva Accords

Everybody hates them. In school, we get them almost every day. They cause copious amounts of stress, anxiety and pressure. If done wrong, your whole future can go down the drain.
Homework assignments. That dreadful word.
Homework and tests go hand in hand. We get our homework done, either in class or at home, then in a week or two, we have a test over all the assignments we were given. Not to mention finals that test us over everything we’ve learned.
Some students are good about doing homework, and finish it every night. Others slack off and do it every other day. The rogues – they don’t want anything to do with it and don’t care if they get a bad grade.
According to ColledgeHomeworkHelp.org, homework was originally created by an Italian pedagog named Roberto Nevilis, who made it as a punishment for students. Soon the rest of the world caught on, and now everyone is toppled with heaping piles of punishment.
If we classify homework as a “punishment,” and you “punish” the collective group of students with homework when only one student was the main cause, isn’t that collective punishment? A war crime under the Geneva Accords? Is homework fundamentally a war crime? Or am I being irrational?
Yes, homework can increase your grades and help you understand where you’re lacking. But those who don’t have time, or those who don’t do well on the assignments but do extremely well on tests should not have homework take up so much of one’s grade. Even if you miss one or two assignments and get zeros, that can take your A- to a B+ and, unless you ace the next 10 assignments, you won’t be able to get back up to where you were before (depending on your teacher, of course). It’s completely unfair!
Sleep deprivation is also a factor with homework. If your teachers assign you tons of homework that night, students may be up until 2 a.m. Although we might think of these situations as kind of unfair, it also may be the student’s fault. They may slack off until 8 p.m., or have taken some AP classes.
But this can be out of their control. The student may have a sports event that night or extracurricular activities after school that take up most of the day.
Meanwhile, sleep deprivation is no joke. According to Healthline.com, enough nights in a row without sleep can cause paranoia, anxiety, depression and, in some cases, suicidal thoughts.
So teachers who assign way too much homework, stop it if you care about your students’ well being.