Strike hits close to home

“The strike is affecting our family financially and emotionally since it has been going on for so long,” senior Sierra Bellingar said.
The United Automobile Workers Union and General Motors have a contract that is to be renewed every four years. This year has had some issues with the re-signing causing problems in plants across the U.S.
The workers in the UAW went on strike Sept. 15 at midnight. Hourly workers at 55 General Motor plants were not producing new vehicles and instead were outside each plant with signs, peacefully protesting to get the money they deserve.
According to the Detroit Free Press, the major issues being dealt with in the contract are, wages, healthcare and GM plants in Mexico. The UAW wants everything to be made in the U.S. so they would need to move all the plants in Mexico in order for this to work.
According to CNN, the strike, which ended Oct. 16, cost GM $90 million a day, which adds up to $660 million in the past four weeks. No money comes in when nothing is going in or out of the plants.
Because of the amount of time workers were away from their jobs, families are negatively affected.
Many people are dealing with the emotional stress of this all because of the unknowns: they don’t know what will happen to their jobs and their livelihoods.
GM sent a letter to all of its hourly and salary workers stating, “It is critical that the two sides reach an agreement and end the strike.”
After this message was sent, four long weeks of protesting and a halt in production, a tentative deal was made.
General Motors and the UAW have worked out an agreement and in the following days, over 50,000 workers will be returning to their jobs.
The date is still not set to when they will return and go off strike but the UAW and General Motors are close to ending the mess that was created.
Senior Miracle Powell has two family members working for GM and both are being affected by strike.
Her dad and uncle kept close track of the strike’s progression. The issue created tension between friends and their coworkers because they did not want to be a part of the action. They want to go back to work.
“There have been broken friendships over oppositional thinking on what side to take,” Powell said.