Adventures of being stuck inside

The things we find time to do while being quarantined

This quarantine has changed the way my family and I see each other. We have been in close quarters with one another for too long. 

Most of my time consists of working out or coloring, all I am trying to do is find activities to pass the time. I have finished two coloring books now and I may have to go on Amazon to find more because I am going to get really bored here soon. I have also worked out almost every day since we’ve been stuck inside, which is making me feel healthier and better about myself.  

My parents have probably rearranged the house three times a week so it can be really difficult to find things that were right where I left them the day before. It can be very frustrating to be looking for a glass for water and it easily takes me 20 minutes just to find it. 

I have been thinking about all the events and big moments I will be missing out on. I try not to because it can’t be good for me. But as a senior, this quarantine really hits a different way especially with it being the most important three months of the whole year. 

What if I don’t have a graduation? What about prom? No one knows the exact answer to these questions that run through my head at least once a day and that is the most upsetting part. I know I am not the only one who thinks about these things and if they are even going to happen for us. 

Are all these events going to be virtual just like our learning has come to? I know it is the only option for learning right now but it is not the same. 

This time has also been good to destress and find time for things we were never able to do because of work and school. But I find fewer and fewer activities to do every day because of how long this is going on for.