Dashed hopes hits hard

Life in quarantine means changes in life


Everything was normal. School was droning on, spring sports were starting and everything was fine. That was until March 16 came around. That was when everything shattered.

 On Friday, March 16 at 6 a.m., my dad came into my room and said, “Schools are going to be closed for a while, but you have school today”.

 School was a blur that day. But a huge decision was texted to me that morning by my mom. Will I leave for North Carolina on Saturday March 17 to help with a house and a seafood market? Or will I stay in Michigan and see how all this rides out? I decided to go down and help out. 

Down in North Carolina, I ran the beach every morning, worked on the house, weeded a garden, hung posters in the seafood market, played cornhole, played board games and watched TV. 

While I was down there, the reality of the situation hit me. After the years of hard work and dedication I’ve put into raising money to study abroad in Finland, I was not going to be able to go. On top of that, the Summer Seminar program offered by the United States Naval Academy I applied for was off the table. It hurt and it hurt bad.

Now all I could do was stay in my routine, listen to celebrities say “Stay home!” and “Stay safe!”, listen to the news drone on about basic hygiene and social distancing, and study for the ACT I signed up for in June. 

When I got back to Michigan, I found out that it is really no different than North Carolina in terms of quarantine or shopping for groceries. Everyone wears masks and there are clear plastic boards protecting the cashiers.  myself aren’t too worried about getting the virus, but I still wash my hands after I get home and wear something to cover my hands and face. My days here are filled with studying for the ACT, getting school work done, exercising and playing video games. 

I hope that as soon as this is all over, life can get back to normal. Whatever that means.