Important to find joy in grind of daily life

‘Coronacation’ may drone on, but there’s a certain rhythm to the time


The blazing sun peeks through my blinds. I toss over in my bed. The daily lawn mowers begin to buzz. That’s my cue to wake up. I cruise on my phone listening to the symphony of screaming children and mowers clash together. When I sit up, my reflection stares back at me across the room, a pale face.

I hobble down stairs, fill up my coffee mug with an arabian bean blend along with coconut creamer, Per usual my dad comments how my voluminous bed head looks like a lion’s mane.

I plop down next to my dad. In our living room we have two leather recliners facing huge floor length windows exposing our rustic backyard. We babble about the birds and the pesky small red squirrel that continuously terrorizes the other woodland animals in the biome.

While we enjoy each other’s company, I use this time to contemplate what I want to take on for the day. My gel pen squiggles down some ideas for my “to do list” on my note pad. Every time I complete one of my lists, I put it inside the small flower box I painted. 

My days usually consist of helping my parents keep our house super clean. Both of them are nurses so it’s important to keep our house safe.

Other times I think about my friends. Twice over this “Coronacation” I’ve made goody bags and delivered them to my friends’ mailboxes. I simply shoot them a text saying “Go check your mailbox!!” then I zoom away from their house. It’s a great feeling to treat your friends to a little bag of joy with not a lot of action happening. It’s a huge event to make someone’s day.

When I reach home I have thank you messages and videos of my friends excitedly opening their little balls of excitement. It’s so important to me to show the people I love that during this time while we are apart, I am always still there for them.