The not so fun experiences of quarantine

Worries about personal health and family business is stressful


Covid has not done wonders for my social life. I am cooped up all day usually playing video games. A during the time that I’m not finding ways to entertain myself at home, I usually have to go to work.

When it comes to work, my 110-pound body does not like doing extensive physical labor for 8-12 hours a day at Christians Greenhouse.

The whole experience of this virus has been nerve racking one, especially in the first month because the stay at home order made it so the greenhouse couldn’t open. This was extremely problematic because the greenhouse has to take out a massive operating loan at the beginning of the year to buy all of the plants they will grow and sell for the coming months.

Long story short, it was looking very unlikely that our family business we have been nurturing for decades was not going to survive to next year. When that realization hit my family and I, it was especially difficult because there was no one to really blame for our situation. It was just a shit storm we would have to fight our way through.

Another big stresser was I’ve never had anything to compare anything like this too in my lifetime so it is all new to me. My family and I will have to work for the duration of the outbreak. This is stressful because my mother is a healthcare worker and my father is a business owner. They are both risky professions to be in right now.

Overall, I would describe my experience in “quarantine” as extraordinarily stressful on many levels. I am having to worry about not only my personal safety, but also about my family’s financial future.

It is frustrating knowing my situation is in no way unique. I know quite a few people going through similar situations at the moment. I wish that there was some way to make Covid go away, but sadly I know that is an unrealistic scenario.