Each day brings new adventures

Quarantine has been tough for many, but I am thriving

Photo: Hudson Brecheisen
Hudson Brecheisen walks around his backyard

As the days go by, so does my sleep schedule. What started as waking up at 6:30 for school in the morning quickly turned into staying up late and waking up at 11 a.m.

I am not complaining. Waking up at 11 and having the sun already high and the dew from the night before all gone leaves the perfect time to go on a solo photoshoot. All this time alone has given me reasons to finally use the tripod my parents gave me almost three years ago. Lucky for me, I live on almost an acre of property. Plenty of space to get creative.

My dog Phoebe occasionally tags along on my adventures, once falling into a stream on the back end of our property. She needed a bath anyway.

Along with photo shoots, the time away from everything has allowed me to fully detail my car. While cleaning and detailing, I learned that an all black interior makes a fantastic oven if left in the sun.

Since no one is out and about, drives around Haslett have been uneventful and surprisingly cheap. My car drinks premium gasoline like a hummer. But at only $1.79 a gallon, this is one of the few good things to come from this pandemic.

Pulling in to refill at Costco is definitely a different feeling. Even with these astoundingly low prices of gasoline, it’s a ghost town.

My dad makes sure I take all the necessary safety precautions. With bandana on and gloves tight, I am ready to refuel.

While giving my car some liquid gold, I take a look around. It is quite surprising how many people do not use gloves or even face masks. I make sure to grab my gloves by the bottom and discard them.

Driving into the Meijer parking lot felt a little weird, but I was unprepared for the inside. Even though one could find toilet paper now, everybody has turned into a chef. No baking mix anywhere.

After returning home, it is now around 9 in the evening. COVID-19 has proven that being a gamer during these times is the best thing you can be. Every night, It’s like a group call between me and anyone I know that has an xbox. While 1 in the morning has been my constant bedtime, I know the next day brings more experiences.